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Locksmith.dk - Commercial locksmith in Copenhagen.

If you have slammed yourself out, without the key and must have opened the lock, we will help. 

Just like if you want to have change a lock, or you need professional safety measures for your company.


Problems with your car locks

Locksmith.dk - Are you having problems with your car locks or car keys - Call locksmith and let us help you with all brands and models.


‚ÄčLocksmith Service

Our 24 hour hotline is served by English speaking locksmiths that will understand your needs, and be able to help you with all matters 24 hour a day - Call us anytime - 24/7 - 365 days a year

Please call Call + 45 70 20 10 35

L√•sesmed K√łbenhavn og Nordsj√¶lland

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L√•sesmed ‚ÄčNordsj√¶lland

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‚ÄčHar du brug for en l√•sesmed d√łgnvagt? Vi k√łrer med d√łgnvagt hele √•ret. Kontakt os i dag.


70 20 10 35

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